Digital Media Negotiation and Purchasing

The landscape of digital media is dynamic and exciting.

It can super-charge your brand or open the opportunity for disaster if not handled correctly. RTM works with a variety of strong digital partners that bring vast experience in the digital space to our placements.

Purchasing of digital media is only the start! Successful campaigns are actively tracked, enhanced, and optimized as the campaign rolls out to maximize the results.

Our digital media services include:

  • Cross platform digital video or static/GIF placements
  • DSPs, networks, vertical sites, e-newsletters
  • Geotargeted and behavioral banners
  • Mobile banner and video placements
  • Native content banners and article placements
  • Social media ads that work in partnership with in-house social postings
  • OTT/CTV and TrueView video banner placements
  • Multi-language placements of banners, audio and video
  • Digital Audio placements
  • Development of ROI and ROAS matrices to insure effectiveness

Let’s put our expertise to work, and get the best results from your next advertising campaign.

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