Partner Case Studies

Right on Time Media has been a partner to advertising agencies, design firms and corporations for over 25 years.

Many of our partnerships are nearly as old as our agency.  Even though clients may change, these partnerships have persevered, prospered, and grown.  While we get involved in almost any industry, product, or service – B2C, G2C – our strength is in targeting the consumer.

We hope these case studies will give you a flavor of what we do and how we become integral team members with our partners to deliver the customers.

D-DOT Holiday Impaired-Driving Campaign/WRAP/D-DOT)

This campaign was a part of WRAP (Washington Regional Alcohol Program), a public-private partnership to reduce drunk-driving incidents and fatalities through targeted enforcement and awareness.

Patient First Neighborhood Medical Centers

The Patient First/Urgent Care concept was unknown to most consumers in 2006.  In fact, awareness was very low and when known, the perceptions were mostly negative.  Patient First desired expansion into new markets from its Richmond, VA roots.

Frederick County (Maryland) Opioid Misuse Prevention

While the Frederick County Health Department had a program in place for assistance and treatment, it lacked a focused communications campaign to raise community awareness and knowledge of the problem.

Breast Cancer Index (BCI)

Our assignment: Make Breast Cancer Index (BCI) the Gold Standard for testing, and help the company achieve a 7x valuation goal of $250M in just 2.5 years.

Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA)

Find out how Right on Time Media supported Maryland’s ‘Reach the Beach’ initiatives to help make reaching the Eastern Shore easier through an information campaign.

Graduate School USA

Right on Time developed and executed advertising plans for both the Evening/Weekend program and the Academics program using digital banners, radio, and local print to increase registrations.

Johnson's Florists and Garden Center

This three-location local retailer struggled to survive during the economic downturn when their industry faced the closing of over 35% of stores throughout the country.

Capitol Technology University

Increased enrollment, retention, and employer awareness were critical for Capitol Technology University (formerly Capitol College), and a showcase of the Undergrad program helped to boost the school’s profile and applications.

Let’s put our expertise to work, and get the best results from your next advertising campaign.

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